The Magic Porridge Pot - Zubadoo Animated Storybook

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الترفيه كتاب
المطور: Zubadoo Media Limited
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The Magic Porridge Pot is another lovingly illustrated, animated storybook from Zubadoo.

A little girl from a poor family is walking in the woods when she meets a kind old woman. She is very hungry and the old woman gives her a Magic Porridge Pot, which will cook lots of hot porridge whenever she says the magic words.

Is that the end of the familys troubles, or are they just beginning?

Listen to the narrator or read the story yourself to find out.

The story is 18 pages long and just perfect for a bed-time read.

The illustrations and animations look great on any device and are optimised for Retina Display and iPad.

We hope you enjoy our version of this classic folk tale, and we would love to hear your comments.

Please Note: The application is not intended to be interactive in the sense of touching objects on the screen and having them jump around and make noises. Its just a high-quality, straight-forward, animated storybook, with optional voice narration.

We think its very good and we hope you do too. :-)